Leila is an international Master of Ceremony, a keynote speaker and moderator at high levels conferences ang global events. Here are some examples of references.

- United Nations Agency Alliance of Civilizations Global Forum (New-York)
- European Parliament (Brussels and Strasburg)
- Council of Europe
- UNESCO (Paris, France)
- Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (Vien, Austria)
- Union For the Mediterranean (Barcelona, Spain)
- Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators (COPEAM) summit (Beirut, Lebanon)
- World Forum on Intercultural dialogue (Baku, Azerbaijan)
- Rome Women Forum (Rome, Italy)
- Hub Africa (Casablanca, Morocco)
- Day One Global Event (Monaco)
- Tunis Process organized by the Dialogue of Civilization Institut (Berlin, Germany)
- International Center for Migration Policy Development (La Valetta, Malta)
- Sciences Po (Menton, France)
- Mediterranean University on Youth and Global Citizenship (Tunis, Tunisia)
- Anna Lindh Foundation
- Med Days (Rome, Italy)
- Women’s Tribune (Essaouira, Morocco)
- Young Mediterranean Leaders Forum (Sevilla, Spain)
- Religions for Peace Conference
- We are the progress Conference (Paris, France)
- Global Influencer Summit (Essaouira, Morocco)